A Motley Crew

Cyrian's Log - Entry 10

A maze of twisty passages, all alike

Month C, Day 2 – continued
We looked around for about an hour before finding the trapdoor Joseph said was here. There’s a really strong smell in here that is apparently goblin spoor. Yuck.

We spent a bunch of time wandering in crazy thin passages, and although I wasn’t claustrophobic before, I’m seriously considering it now. Other places of note: An insanely large pool of blood, cool, which wasn’t clotting. Clearly inhuman blood or magically affected. Couldn’t detect any magic though. Maybe chemicals? Also, a room with a bunch of gore, plates, cups, etc. Apparently a “feeding room”, and Joseph recognizes this. I don’t understand, STILL. If this is how they live, why haven’t they done SOMETHING? Heck, from the looks of this room an airborne poison would kill scores of the little bastards. (Side note: These “goblins” aren’t actually very small. We haven’t really seen any yet, but I suspect their “goblins” are actually “orcs” and it’s a regional dialect thing.)

Finally, we found a chapel to some sort of Walking God who gets picked on a lot and runs away from everything. There was a door behind the chapel that lead to a room that was crazy full of spider webs. Surprise, surprise, there were giant spiders in here! I’m still concerned that there was nothing actually in here to eat, but this IS a big room, and we can’t see the ceiling, so maybe there’s an egress to the forest, where there is equally nothing to eat, but in a very natural, wholesome way. Also, one spider wasn’t just BIG, it was +++BIG+++. We did eventually kill it, though Niramour seems to have actually hurt herself in so doing, but it looks kind of like it’s going to explode now. I wish I’d brought a raincoat. :(



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