A Motley Crew

Cyrian's Log - Entry 0

Hell on Earth

Month XX, Day 1
Well, life sucked again today. I’d almost talked a couple of the other guys into a card game when yet another guard appeared at the last second. At the back of a barracks tent. At midnight. In the dark. If there’s some sort of low level Divination spell that they’re all using, I want one.

Month XX, Day 4
I tried to find a mouse or chipmunk or something to feed Little Sister today, but as soon as I went more than 15 feet from the tent, a guard appeared over my shoulder. Maybe a Contingency? Good thing snakes don’t eat much.

Month XX, Day 9
I said the word “escape” to myself, in a whisper, outside, with no one around, as a bit of an experiment. As expected, guards showed up immediately and beat me into the ground. I considered fighting back, but I don’t think I’d win. Maybe some kind of construct?

Month XX, Day 17
More or less given up on the idea of escaping, or even doing anything besides whatever the hell it is they want us to do. Their military training is terrible. I learned more brawling in taverns. They’ve put me in a group with a bunch of weird… things… including Reth, which just makes it that much more difficult to talk to anyone else. I wonder why I’ve been lumped in with them… this can’t be good.

Month XX+1, Day 3
Ok, the other guys in this group aren’t that bad. One of them is actually a fellow magi (Reth, necrophiliacs don’t count) though he doesn’t talk much (and has freaking wings!) Seems to be pretty good at summoning, though I’m not sure exactly what it is he’s doing. Wonder why someone like that got caught up in here?

Month XX+1, Day 8
Liela (a halfling) managed to sneak us some extra food today, putting her solidly on my impressed list. The guards obviously discovered this (no evidence, we’d eaten all the food, no waste) of course, but before the beating, I actually remembered what it felt like to be full again.

Month XX+1, Day 12
Deckard slipped this morning, and accidentally changed form when I was looking at him. That’s a neat trick. I asked him about it, but he wouldn’t tell me how he did it. Or let me near his spellbook. Pity. Would certainly be useful.

Month XX+1, Day 21
The guards took us all for training today, and “taught” us how to use a weapon. Hilariously, they picked Deckard for their example, and he beat the guard bloody before 6 others jumped him. The rest of us were beaten for good measure, but that’s a memory I’ll treasure for some time.

Month XX+1, Day 29
I think I’ve figured out what Silas is doing. He seems to be making deals with extraplanar beings. Not sure what either side really gets out of this, but I should keep notes.

Month XX+2, Day 3
Reth tried to make his stupid construct get his breakfast today. Not only did he manage to terrify basically every one of these stupid hicks, and spill the gruel, the guards very nearly irreparably broke it before they took their anger out on him instead. I tried to tell them it was a different skeleton, but that just made them beat me too.

Month XX+2, Day 19
Welp, that’s it. For whatever reason, none of the people here will even talk to any of us any more. We can sit down, and there’s just dead silence at the table. Most of us have taken to carrying the food back to the barracks tent just to feel less awkward, but Silas seems like he doesn’t even notice. When are we going to get out of here?



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