A Motley Crew

Cyrian's Log - Entry 9

Joseph be Nimble, Joseph be Quick

Month C, Day 1 – continued
We decide to ignore the trapdoor and head North, given the sheer number of tracks. That night, we all feel watched again, but this time we actually see hundreds of eyes outside, watching. Not sure exactly what they’re watching, since there’s nothing to actually see, but maybe they can see magic? I wonder if I could figure out a way to see magic. Note to self, look into that.

This is kind of a problem, since the spell only lasts half a night, but a combination of some summons and spell-likes solves it for us. However, a bunch of our spells fail. Do the goblins, perhaps, eat magic too?

By daylight, the goblins are all gone.

Month C, Day 2
At around noon, we hear soft sobbing and cries for help, only to find Joseph hanging from a noose trap ahead of us. There’s some gore around that might once have been the remains of some other bodies, and Joseph himself looks rather the worse for wear. We heal him up, but I’m immediately skeptical. It seems unlikely he could have passed us to this point, particularly since the damage seems to have been mostly done last night. Also, there’s no real reason to have left him alive, given the state of the others. I suspect he’s a stalking horse; willing or unwilling, I’m not sure yet.

Joseph seems finally willing to talk about the villagers’ problems. He tells us the village has to sacrifice 4 people a month to the goblins so they leave it alone, and that they’ve been sacrificing travellers when they could. I think back to the village, and don’t really recall a lack of people, but I didn’t pay much attention. It’s quite strange, however. It’s not like there’s a road to the village, so I can’t imagine they get many travellers. And at 4 people a month, it’s unlikely the village could sustain itself for over a year, given the number of houses and estimated population. Even if it’s true, why sacrifice their only competent blacksmith, who seems to have made them weapons with which to fight the goblins in the past? And them not wanting to sacrifice us because we seem nice? I guess if they’re all saints, sure, but I’m pretty damn sure I’d sacrifice a nice person instead of myself.

Suspicious. Highly suspicious.

Somehow, he thinks he can get back to the village without being attacked. I really don’t understand this hunting party/village sacrifice/goblin attack dynamic, so I’ll just assume he’s crazy and go with that. He’s also volunteered his services as a guide up north, because apparently Deckard was nice to him now? There are also three large caverns that all tunnels lead to, and they’re nearby. Also, somehow the goblins are turning humans into goblins.

Well, for better or for worse, this latter piece of information makes Silas’s eyes light up. Mine too, I admit, to a lesser extent. I am certainly curious about learning a new arcane ritual. I’d just like to not be on the receiving end at the time.



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