A Motley Crew

Cyrian's Log - Entry 5

Hulk Smash

Month B, Day 5 – continued
I charged and swung at Cloak-guy, too enraged to concentrate enough to toss a spell in his face, but in my mindless rage, I couldn’t connect. After I’d exhausted myself, Cloak-guy told us that he was King Reginald, our current and rightful king, recently come to reclaim his hereditary throne, and gain whatever god-like power lay beyond this bridge to bring peace to his kingdom.

What a joke.

Reth may be an idiot who believes that necromancy is actual magic, but his memory isn’t gone yet, and it’s not like he remembered this loser’s family ever being in power. Besides, even if it was true, what possible loyalty could we have to someone who enslaved us and caused a war for his own personal gain? Even now, he’s freely admitting to abandoning his responsibilities in order to go on some ridiculous quest. I’m out of here.

Only, I’m not. The path back is blocked.

Oh, this bastard has to die.

According to Reth, though, he knows something about this orb thingy and the ugly dagger, so we might need him if we’re ever going to get out of this terrible place. Alright. I won’t kill him yet, but when we don’t need him anymore, I might do something that will change my alignment. . .

We walked for a bit more, and found another human on this weird island (no other life we can see, which really, isn’t that much of a change from the mainland, but it’s all black instead of brown). Reggie (that dick) seemed to distrust him, so I invited the new guy to join our group just to piss the bastard off. I don’t trust him either (somehow he showed up here AND found a wolf on this desolate rock?) but he at least can provide us with food so we don’t all starve. Good enough for me.

We start heading East towards the unusually tall mountains in the middle of the island, and camp when it starts to get dark.

Month B, Day 6
There’s a tense feeling in the air today, like we’re being watched. We continued marching on to the lower foothills, without seeing anything, but everyone was a little on edge.

That night, we were attacked by some strange mutated Umber Hulks, which seemed to be able to call (above ground) to summon others of their kind (from below ground), but that seems unlikely. Instead, I theorize that they probably have some sort of psychic link or hive mind communication which requires a Verbal component, or perhaps an SLA. Anyways, we barely defeated them, thanks to one of them succumbing to a particularly vicious badger nibble and another slicing its own throat with its claws, but we’re dangerously low on resources, so we took a minute to catch our breath before moving on.



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