A Motley Crew

Cyrian's Log - Entry 4


Month A, Day 24 – continued
The other guys had found an abandoned house they were considering making our temporary HQ, but after I explained the situation (mostly), they were on board with shopping and shipping out. Unfortunately, the war seemed to have dried up basically all trade here as well, so there wasn’t a lot happening in the market square.

We did find a guy who had a bunch of rations for sale, so we picked up a box for a fairly cheap price (particularly since I paid about half what I’d offered), but there was a minor kerfuffle with the guards (Reth’s “pet” does kind of stand out, though why she’d think he had anything to do with it, I don’t know…) and we ended up heading rather more quickly out of town. Apparently the innkeep had had more guards in her pocket than I’d expected.

Month A, Day 25
After travelling on from Bare, we saw a cloud of dust in the far distance. Supposing it might be the “invading” army, we decided to avoid it, if possible, but some outriders came and, very politely, asked us our business. After a brief conversation (and declining their “generous” offer to go back to their camp), we continued on.

Month A, Day 27
Came up to the side of the Abyss today. Holy crap that thing is scary. I don’t plan on looking over the edge until I can cast Fly. Possibly Quickened.

Month A, Day 28
Found a seemingly abandoned camp tonight that ended up belonging to Cloak-guy from before. We walked up very blatantly, calling out that we were friendly and looking to share a meal, but got no response. So we sat ourselves down at the camp and took a brief look around. Somehow he’d hidden himself well within the light of the campfire, and arose out of nowhere to hold Liela at knifepoint. He held her there for a while but did eventually let her go, and for some reason we didn’t immediately beat him into unconsciousness. Upon being told that his previous information regarding Bare was incredibly inaccurate, he shrugged it off. I know a con when I see one. We’re pretty clearly the patsies in whatever scheme he’s cooking up. He knows more than we do, though, so we just have to use him more than he uses us.

Month B, Day 5
We can see the Arch now. It’s not really all that large; from the map I expected more. There’s some sort of camp in front of it.

Liela went off to check the camp out and came back with some disturbing info. There’s some kind of invisible barrier just past the start of the bridge, and the bastards have a cage full of civvies they’re sending through in groups of six. The civvies, sadly, don’t seem to survive the process. The Amnesiac (who has told us he now remembers his name: Pravus) suggested blowing up the cage and causing a panic, but I’m not sure we should really be killing a bunch of innocent people to give ourselves a distraction. Killing the soldiers, now that’s an idea.

We grilled Cloak-guy on this barrier, but he wouldn’t tell us a thing. I guess he’s as in the dark as we are?

The casters discuss it amongst ourselves and come up with a plan to pass ourselves off as experts coming to investigate the barrier. We almost didn’t need to though, as we were completely ignored as we walked through the camp. Their security protocols are clearly garbage, so I’m not sure how we haven’t assassinated their entire command structure by now, but maybe our current ruler is just as incompetent.

Anyways, once we’re within reach of the barrier, and shortly after we begin to try some experiments, Cloak-guy reaches over to Reth, grabs one of those stupid magic grapes, and swallows it whole. He then procedes to run through the barrier (sadly, without the same fatal effects as the civilians). The camp’s soldiers NOW begin to panic, so the rest of us really have no choice but to do the same.

As I passed through the portal I felt a piece of me die, and I dropped to my knees. Little Sister was dead. Furious that the lack of information he had provided had brought this on, I turned on Cloak-guy with murder in my eyes.



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